About Us

We are a full service video production company that specialises in producing video for the web.

We are based on the NSW Central Coast and prepared to go anywhere our clients want but we primarily cover the territory between Sydney and Newcastle.

Videography has been my life long passion. I started off shooting video in 1975 with a B&W camera and a 3/4' inch tape deck the size of a large suitcase.  Videography was more of a serious hobby for many years as a 30 year stint in sales, marketing and corporate management took up my time and energy.
In 2007 I founded VideoSpark when I saw that the internet was becoming video capable in a practical sense. I realised that online video would become an important medium for business marketing and communications. My own extensive business experience has given me a full understanding of how video content can most effectively be used by businesses of all sizes.
I completed various courses at the Australian Film Television
and Radio School and have a broad set of skills as a cameraman, Steadicam operator, lighting, sound recording, editing and special effects, encoding and internet distribution. As well I am an experienced scuba diver (Master Scuba Diver certified) and an underwater cameraman, with many hundreds of hours behind an underwater camera, as well I have flown ultralight aircraft.
I also has a passion for making documentary films and worked on a couple of feature films - "Submerged" 2009, "Cedar Boys" 2009. I'm currently filming the documentary "01Below".

Video is all about telling an engaging story, whatever story that may be in your case, that's the skill and the product that we are really supplying to our clients.