Q: My business is a service business how can video be of benefit to me?
A: Web video works particularly well for companies in the service business. Unlike text and still photos video brings out the uniqueness in people and that's what clients are looking for when they choose a company to provide them with services. Legal, Finiance, providers of health and well being services, as well as trades can all make great use of video as a marketing tool.

Q: How long should a promotional video be for use on my website?
A: Web video needs to be short and to the point. Generally a promotional web video should be around 1-2 minutes in length. The key point is to show how your business or product is different and how dealing with you will benefit your customers. The video should end with a call to action.

Q: I'm a little camera shy and I feel uncomfortable about being in front of a camera?
A: One of the skills of a professional cameraman is to make the presenter comfortable and feel at ease. Presenting to a video camera can be just like talking face to face with a client.

Q: Video is something that big corporations use, isn't it too expensive for marketing small and medium businesses?
A: That was true 5 years ago but with the advent of modern technology and production tools the cost and efficiency of producing professional quality video has come down greatly. Its no more expensive than other forms of professional; photography or services and is well withing the budget of small business. Once produced it can be distributed for free 24/7 on the internet.

Q: I want to do a regular video blog, do I need a professional videographer to film that?
A: No, with some consulting and support from us we can help you set up your camera, microphone and lighting, even a low cost teleprompter. We can assist you establish your workflow and editing so that you can turn out great looking and sounding video blog clips every time.

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