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Why market with video?

Why use video to tell your message? ...because your customers can 'meet' you, they can hear you, see you and relate to you and your business. At the end of the day people buy from people they trust. Potential customers can hear and see your products or business in operation, for example, if you run a restaurant they can see the ambiance in your restaurant. If you are a landscaper they can see your creations. They can see and hear real, live, uncensored testimonials from real, satisfied customers.

Online video has become a very high-impact medium, adding lively images and sounds to sometimes boring, long and tedious pages filled with text. With an almost instant start time, video can inform and entertain any audience at the click of a mouse. Video on the web is so engaging that an industry study shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a Web site with a video commercial than from a company that does not have one.

From testimonials to product demonstrations to store tours to employee introductions to resource video libraries, there are so many ways that video can enhance your website and engage your potential customer.

People do business with people they like

It's a fact, whether you agree with it or not! Web video promotion gives you the opportunity to show people who you are, show people your expertise, let them see what your restaurant or store really looks like. A 2-4 minute video can convey more interest and generate more emotion in your product or service than any other website medium could. Lets face it people don't like to slog through pages and pages of text on websites!

Stand out from your competitors with your unique difference

Take a look at just about any industry with many competitors - restaurants, hotels, real estate agents, accounting firms, auto repairers, plumbers etc, the websites bend over backwards to be just like all the others. If you delete the name of the business you can't identify one company's website from another.

Sometimes, we look so much like our competitor we give consumers no choice but to seek out the cheapest. After all, if everything is the same, why not buy what's cheap and closest?

How about a video on your site that says, "Here's why we're different."

Tell them what makes you different

How much do you remember?

Online video is a high-retention medium. BBC research reports that "... when sights and sounds are combined, as in video, information retention is almost doubled when compared to sight or sound alone." Other studies show that, if people generally remember 10% of what they read, they remember 50% of what they see and hear. Not only do people remember video commercials very vividly, they also act on video-based information more quickly. Industry statistics report that a video expedites buying decisions by 72% over print...

Be found fast, maybe even tomorrow - Google LOVES video!

Most people use Google or Yahoo in order to search the web. Search engines love video. So much, in fact, that your video can be found on page ONE or TWO of Google in a matter of days... sometimes hours. Often times, your video will also include a small thumbnail - which the eye gravitates to first since it usually is the only graphic on a page filled with text!

What are you waiting for? Now is a good time to contact us to discuss how we can make a web video that shows why your business or product is unique and increase the likelihood that people will buy from you.

*There are no guarantees in regards to search engine placement. Your results will vary, but it generally is based on the competition for similar keywords.